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April 2021

Walk A Day In My Culture. . . 


Keep That SAME Energy!!!

Let me start by saying to please consider this your official notice that I am no longer doing snippets for next month. I know this month the plan was to talk about The Importance Self Disclosure, which is definitely an important topic especially for the Black community, however some things are too culturally pressing not to talk about. And given our cultural climate right now, it is just best to do away with the promising of topics that may not take place the following month due to the continued uprising of culturally relevant topics. At the end of the day, some suspense may be a good spicy mix up for the newsletter. Remember, things are slowly changing with how my newsletters will look and be presented to you (hint hint), so consider this another gradual change. Now that we have that out of the way, lets get to it.
Regardless if you have decided to watch the Derek Chauvin trail or not, we all know that it is going on. Just as we are readjusting to being retraumatized by the unnecessary murder of George Floyd, we have to now experience the repetitive trauma of yet ANOTHER BLACK LIFE BEING MURDERED BY POLICE. In the Black community we are constantly reliving and mourning the death of Black bodies. In addition to seeing how the Black community is continuing to be slain in the street over and over again; we are also seeing how the Asian community is being targeted and brutally attacked just because of how they look and an ignorant perception regarding COVID-19. And let’s be clear, these things are NOT NEW TO THE BLACK OR ASIAN COMMUNITY, they are just now getting more attention. So with that said what is my point today? My point is to scream from the roof top for everyone to hear, particularly for white people to hear, “I want y’all to keep that SAME energy!!!” What do I mean by this statement? Let me explain. . .
On January 6, 2021 we all witnessed the nation’s capital be overtaken by racist, bigot, white supremacist. They came with the intention to KILL AND HARM, and they did! They may not have killed or harmed who they intended (Pence and Pelosi), but they damn sure did kill and harm many others. But did anything happened to them? Were they tear gassed? Were rubber bullets sent their way? Were they forcefully pushed out when they didn’t follow the curfew? No, no, and hell to the no! Yeah, police were called out and the national guard showed up, but it wasn’t the expected containment that should have taken place with people who had weapons and their intentions were to cause destruction.
What are we seeing now? Daunte Wright was murdered by the police, people are peacefully protesting, and military tactics are being used. People are being tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, and put on a strict and ENFORCED curfew. So I say again, KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY!!!

When white folks show up with tiki torches and are ready to take down the nation, keep the same energy that you keep when Black folks peacefully protest. If white “protestors” are given a slap on the wrist and sent home, then Black protestors should be given that SAME ENERGY when we are expressing hurt and a desire for change.
So now I want to ask you a few questions:
  • What energy do YOU bring to the table?
  • Do you keep the same energy for similar cultural circumstances and scenarios?
  • What energy are you bringing towards people who have ignorant and bigot views?
  • Is it an energy of silence? An energy of avoidance? An energy of “this isn’t my battle to fight”?
  • Or is it an energy of speaking up? Speaking out? And standing up and standing out?
And finally. . .
Just a little food for thought, which may be harsh, but is a piece of cultural meat that you need to digest and really think about.
What if people of color really started targeting white folks? I mean seriously think about how things would be and how you (if you are white) would feel if the tables were turned. What if we just started targeting your elder parents or grandparents in the street because they were white? Or what if Black cops just started killing white people for not using their car blinker, for reaching for their wallet to show their ID, or simply just for being white and driving?
And no, before you get your cultural panties or boxers in a bunch, I am NOT condoning or encouraging violence. Don’t even try and spin it that way. What I’m doing is trying to get you to really look at things from our perspective, from our day to day life and what we have to deal with and think about. I dare you to challenge yourself by trying to take a true moment to really think about how we move through the world. I doubt very seriously if you could walk as gracefully as we walk, as proud as we walk, or as successful as we walk. And yes, this may sound angry and harsh to you, but if you were to walk a day in our culture you’d be angry too! Until May. . .
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