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February 2021

Hello Everyone,In honor of Black History Month, I decided to switch things up. Next month you all will receive the promised “It starts young”
Walk A Day In My Culture. . .


Hello Everyone,
In honor of Black History Month, I decided to switch things up. Next month you all will receive the promised “It starts young” newsletter, but for now, enjoy this Black History Tribute. . .

When I see the words Black love, I can think of so many things,
From the romantic stare between two Black lovers, to love songs that us Black folks sing.

When I see the words Black love, I also think of the love in a Black mother or Black father’s eyes
As they stare back into the eyes of a child they were blessed with by the divine.

But I also see something else when I see the words Black Love
I see something oh so special in us

I see the need to uplift and encourage those who look like me
Reminding us that we are something beyond special and unique
BLACK people, LOVE the skin you are in
Always make sure that your melanin is poppin’
Don’t allow yourself to hide that glow, it’s not an option!

BLACK people, LOVE the texture of the hair that grows out your crown
Wear it with pride and never hold your head down
Like Maya Angelou said: “When they see you coming it aught to make them proud.”

BLACK people, LOVE the shape of the body you were blessed with,
The curves, the thighs, the lips, and those hips.
If anyone says otherwise tell them where the sun don’t shine they can kiss!

BLACK people, I am so in LOVE with you
Every shade, every color, and every single hue
And until March, BLACK people LOVE yourself and make sure to do you boo!
Snippet for next month

As I listened to her nearly 13 year old brain recap her experience with racism, I found myself remembering how young our experiences with racism begin to take place. I reflected on my own experiences, the experiences of my clients, and now the experiences of. . . Come back next month for more on this topic of “It starts young.”
Cultural Tidbit

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