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What is "Walk A Day In My Culture" about?

Walk A Day In My Culture,” is a newsletter that I write monthly, including my perspective as a black woman first and then as a clinician second. By doing this, I am provide people who are not African-American with a different way of looking at the issues my community faces. For those who are African-American, they are provided with validation regarding the things they are experiencing, giving them a sense that they are not alone. But, regardless of a person’s race, my newsletter is bound to be helpful. It includes some practical things that are useful and supportive in the day to day interactions others have with clients, colleagues, or just people in general. I’m looking forward to you signing up under the "newsletter sign up" tab and beginning to let your cultural antennas be raised.

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What is "Walk A Day In My Culture" PREMIUM?

The “Walk A Day In My Culture,”  premium subscription is a paid monthly subscription to my newsletter. With the premium subscription, it's just that. . . premium! With the paid subscription you will continue to get the monthly newsletter that the free subscribers also receive, but you also get much more. Every month you will receive the following:

  • A monthly newsletter TWICE a month (released on the Friday around the 1st and the 15th of the month)
  • A worksheet to accompany the additional monthly newsletter (released around the 1st of the month). 
  • A monthly pre-recorded Q & A video 
  • A quarterly LIVE Q&A 15 minute video session.
  • Access to the digital copies of my newsletter edition books (past and current copies).

Please note that if you have subscribed to the paid subscription on or after the 1st or the 15th, you will begin receiving the content on the following date of release. For example, if you sign up on September 19th, you will receive your first set of content on the Friday around the 1st of October. If you sign up on October 3rd, you will receive your first set of content on the Friday around the 15th of October. 

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Monthly Issues

January 2020 - Cultural Boundaries Crossed (Part Two)

In this issue I continue to expand on a podcast episode that I released several weeks ago. I finish taking on the topic of crossing cultural boundaries with babies and how this can have a heavy impact on African-Americans when boundaries are crossed. I continue giving my perspective on how my baby is affected when these boundaries are crossed, as well as the impact it has on me as a Black mother. Take a read and if you haven't signed up to receive my monthly newsletters, checkout my monthly subscription options. There are two versions available to you, free and paid. What's not to love? Sign up by visiting the "Newsletter Subscriptions" tab.

Copyright © 2020 Bloom Into Your Best Self, All rights reserved.

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