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Trauma in the African-American Community: Diagnosis or Survival?

Traumatic experiences are never easy to deal with and can have a lasting affect on people. Within the African-American community, our experiences with trauma are a bit more complex than other cultures, resulting in our symptoms often being misdiagnosed and inappropriate treatment being received. 

It is undeniable that the level of trauma that the African-American culture has experienced is like none other. Our experiences from slavery and segregation still plague us to this day even though it is generations later. In addition to the remnants of slavery, African-Americans also experience modern day traumas such as continued racism, oppression and micro-aggressions. These experiences are traumatic and difficult to deal with when experienced several times a week if not daily. 

My training will help those working with African-Americans to look closely at the things that the person has gone through individually as a person AND collectively as a member of this culture. You will learn how to take into account cultural differences and norms, along with environmental influences and modern day oppression that is felt by the black community. 

By looking deeply at factors that specifically affect the African-American community; clinicians will be able to make an informed decision regarding diagnosing their African-American clients. They will be able to decipher if the individual, couple, or family they are working with is struggling with a common mental health diagnosis, or if they are struggling with a more complex level of PTSD due to their need to survive traumatic circumstances. 

I provide this training once a year to the public, check back here on my website under “register for a training or workshop” to see when this training will be offered. I also offer this training privately to agencies, school sites, and organizations. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to provide this training on site to your staff.   Copyright © 2017 Bloom Into Your Best Self, All rights reserved. 

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