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Culture: See it, Breathe it, Embrace it! Within your work and yourself!

My training on culture is direct and bold, helping people learn to embrace culture and not shy away from it. I shed light on how culture surrounds us in all that we do, paying attention to how we may over look cultural differences and the danger of "not seeing race." Racism and oppression is looked at closely, with a particular emphasis on how these things affect the African-American community. I bring awareness and insight to those who provide services to the black population and/or other people of color. 

In this training I also focus on helping the provider increase their cultural awareness and sensitivity. I do so by assisting providers in recognizing what bias or judgements they may naturally bring into the room. I draw out the judgements or bias a provider may have by encouraging self-reflection, as well as teaching ways to reframe these thoughts. 

My training on cultural awareness is raw, unapologetic, and moving. To help ease into the delicate topic of culture, I utilize videos, articles, worksheets, and expressive activities to assist people in fully embracing culture and raising their cultural antennas. My gentle, but direct approach will make you feel safe as you learn how to be more culturally aware. Whether you are black, white, purple or blue, this training will be worth your while. If you are looking for a candid training on culture, which goes beyond the typical surface discussion, this is the training for you. 

I provide this training once a year to the public, check back here on my website under “register for a training or workshop” to see when this training will be offered. I also offer this training privately to agencies, school sites, and organizations. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to provide this training on site to your staff.   Copyright © 2017 Bloom Into Your Best Self, All rights reserved. 

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