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Embrace The Emotion Sis!

Updated: Jul 2

Hey Girl!


How are you today? Has life been treating you well? If so, I truly hope you don’t brush past the joy that can come when life is being kind to you. It’s so easy to keep moving and going as moms, but it’s something special about allowing yourself to reflect on how life has been good to you. Take a moment now to just think about the things in your life that are going well, and just sit with that for a second. If life hasn’t been the kindest to you, its okay, Girl I’ve had my days where life has been LIFEIN’ HARD. But because I have had those days, I can tell you in confidence that it won’t be like this forever, even if it seems like it won’t end. I know, I know, I say this every month. However, we have to remind ourselves of the fact that even when life is hard, there WILL be a moment where you are no longer in this hard season of life. So keep the faith Sis, you got this!


Now that the monthly pep talk is over, I’m sure you are wondering what are we talking about today. Emotions! Today we are going to be talking about all the emotions that come up for us on this journey called motherhood. Emotions that we often don’t hear people talk too much about, and sometimes not even other moms. The emotion I want to focus on today is the one we refer to as “bittersweet.” I am choosing this emotion to focus on because it comes with a lot of other emotions as well. Often when we experience those bittersweet moments in motherhood, we are simultaneously feeling joy, sadness, grief, and possibly even some regret. These bittersweet moments are when our baby becomes a toddler, our toddler becomes a kid, our kid becomes a teenager, and so on. It’s moments like our kid going off to preschool for the first time, then to kindergarten, and then to high school. It’s the bittersweet moment when we feel like we were JUST pregnant with this little human, and now they are going off into the world without us.


These moments bring us joy because it means our kids are reaching a level of independence, which means they are not so needy of us. With this independence, us moms have some excitement because we have a bit more freedom. However, at the same time, with this increase in freedom comes the realization that our kids aren’t babies anymore, and that can bring up some grief for us. The grief of losing our baby, while at the same time gaining a kid. And sometimes the feeling of regret that we should have savored those newborn moments a little bit more. Anxiety can also creep in when we realize that now that our kids are older, we have to figure out what WE want to do with ourselves, separate from this little human who has needed us in a certain way for quite some time. And in the midst of all of these feelings, we as moms can simultaneously be happy in realizing that we can actually do something for ourselves. All of these emotions are enough to make you feel a bit crazy as a mom.


I’m here to tell you that you are NOT crazy Sis, you are just a mom feeling all the feels of motherhood. I’m also here to encourage you to embrace all of these feelings. Allow yourself to feel whatever feeling, or feelings, come up for you as you go through the different stages of motherhood. It’s okay to cry when your baby turns 5 (listen I sure did). It’s okay to be happy to have a moment to yourself when they finally go to school or preschool. And it’s okay to feel nervous about what stepping back into yourself outside of being a mother will look like. All of these feelings associated with motherhood are okay. There is not a right or wrong way to be on this journey, and you have to remember that. So Sis, sit in those feelings, embrace those feelings, and just allow yourself to FEEL those feelings. Until the next time I show up in your inbox, make sure you do something that will help you  Bloom Into Your Best Self. . .

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