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Working with Trauma in the Classroom

With so much happening in today's times, unfortunately our youth are subject to experience trauma at some point in their childhood. It is difficult to understand what trauma looks like in the classroom, and it can be easily mistaken for ADHD, aggression, and defiance just to name a few. Besides understanding what trauma looks like, it is even more difficult to understand how to work with it in the classroom. 

When working with children who have been traumatized, teachers often have their own reaction to the trauma they are working with – vicarious trauma. This results in difficulty managing classroom behaviors, feelings of frustration with not being able to help children, and feeling burnt out. The combination of a traumatized student and teacher normally doesn’t end well, unless you know how to work with the trauma. 

In my training I help teachers understand trauma and what it may look like in their classroom, along with assisting them in learning some ways to work with traumatized youth. I also slip in some strategies that will assist teachers in dealing with the vicarious trauma they experience, by taking some time during the training to remind teachers of the importance of self-care and self-regulation. 

I provide this training once a year to the public, check back here on my website under “register for a training or workshop” to see when this training will be offered. I also offer this training privately to agencies, school sites, and organizations. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to provide this training on site to your staff.   Copyright © 2017 Bloom Into Your Best Self, All rights reserved.

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