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Working with Teenagers: Enter Into Their World, Don't Make Them Enter Into Yours

"Working with teenagers is NOT easy," this is something I hear a lot. It seems as though working with teens is an unpleasant experience for some providers, and draining to say the least. It is true that teenagers have their own set of struggles, which are unique to being a teenager. Hormones in teens are raging, causing them to be irritable, slightly defiant at times, and plain old confused. 

My training will help you reshape the way you think about teenagers. You will begin to change your thinking about how "difficult" they are, to recognizing how vulnerable teenagers are. I will help you tap back into your teenage days so that you can have some true empathy for what the teenagers you are working with are going through. We will go over the developmental stages that teenagers go through, and most importantly, the training will help you enter into THEIR world not yours. 

Working with teenagers can be an enlightening and fun experience. A time when you can leave a very impressionable mark on them. If you want to learn how to work with teens, how to enjoy working with them, and how to plant an impressionable seed for these little ones; this is most likely the training for you. 

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in this training for yourself or your organization. This training is provided upon request and/or based on demand. This training can be offered privately to agencies, school sites, and organizations. Copyright © 2017 Bloom Into Your Best Self, All rights reserved.

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