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Congratulations, you have taken that first brave step of seeking services, putting you that much closer to being on a positive path of growth and well-being; helping you to bloom into your best self. . .

Rather you are looking for individual, couple, or family therapy; or simply looking to attend one of my trainings or workshops, my goal is to assist you in becoming the best you that you can be. I do this by first being easy to relate to, down to earth, and then utilizing the experience I have gained over the years to assist you in reaching your goals. My direct, yet gentle approach, has assisted others over the years in reaching goals they have set for themselves.

Seeking therapy?
I have helped others learn how to reduce their worrying, stress, depression or just the daily struggles of life. I've assisted parents in learning how to manage their growing teenagers behaviors. I've worked with families on learning how to get along better. And I have helped those with a traumatic past, learn how to manage the many feelings that come with trauma.

Seeking a training or workshop?
I specialize in trainings around true cultural humility in a gentle, yet unapologetic fashion. Particularly issues that plague the African-American community. These trainings often lead to uncomforable feelings, that are needed, which help those who participate begin to reflect on a deep level. I also specialize in trainings around trauma in the community and in the home. In addition, I provide self care retreats that remind, refresh, and restore those in the helping profession. Encouraging them to remember that one cannot effectively care for others if you don't care yourself first..

If you're looking for extra support, guidance through a challenging situation, or you're interested in attending one of my workshops or trainings, feel free to call or email me. I look forward to working with you to help you bloom into your best self.

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