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Workshops & Trainings Offered

ALL workshops and trainings offered hold space for individuals who identify as Black/African and who have had lived Black/African experiences in the workshop and/or training focus.

Pregnancy Loss

This workshop will give women a space to come share their experience with pregnancy loss, helping them to not feel alone in this journey. In this workshop, space will be provided to hear about how pregnancy loss affects women, to share personal experiences of pregnancy loss (if desired), and space to engage in some healing and encouragement during this difficult journey.

The Postpartum Journey

This workshop will focus on the postpartum period and how it affects women. The workshop will discuss what the postpartum period is and will challenge the traditional beliefs about the postpartum period. In this workshop women will learn about signs and symptoms of postpartum, and practical ways to manage postpartum, all while being in community with other mothers going through the same beautiful struggle.

Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 

These workshops focus on assisting individuals, providers, organizations, and corporations working with Black identified individuals on learning how to be culturally aware, sensitive, and humble to the experiences of the Black community. Blind spots will be challenged and practical tips will be provided to encourage intentional cultural growth, awareness, and sensitivity.

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