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Monthly Newsletter

Please note that if you decide to subscribe to my FREE monthly newsletter, you will begin receiving the newsletter around the 15th of each month. The most recent newsletter can always be found below on this page, allowing you to read the current issue in the event that you signed up after the 15th of the month. This will allow you to catch up on past newsletter issues you may have missed while you wait to start receiving the newsletters monthly. Additionally, by signing up to receive my monthly newsletters, you will automatically receive updates about things happening in my business, along with the occasional bonus newsletter.

So what is this newsletter about?

Writing is a passion of mines, and something I have literally done since I learned to write. It brings me joy to arrange words on a page in a way that captures your attention and brings life to a page. I created my monthly newsletter in 2016 and have written about various topics over the years. I am currently dedicated to writing monthly topics that will encourage you and those supporting mothers on this journey we call motherhood. As a mom myself, I know that motherhood is honestly the most rewarding and taxing job we will ever have. And as a Black mother, I also know the burdens we carry as moms that often go unspoken and misunderstood. Because of that I also have a passion for occasionally writing about the cultural issues that show up for me (and others) as a Black mothers. ​My newsletter is jam packed with goodness that you will be craving more of. Are you are ready to be encouraged, get some helpful motherhood tips, and some motivation to take care of yourself? Then this is the newsletter for you! So what are you waiting on Sis?! Sign up below for my FREE newsletter so you can Bloom Into Your Best Self. . .

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